Advanced No Bark Collar

Advanced No Bark Collar

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Perfect Quality Solutions No-Bark Dog Training Collar stops nuisance barking humanely

Our microprocessor delivers a series of warning beeps, followed by brief static stimulation, to gently curb annoying barking from your dog. Seven correction levels increase gradually until barking ceases for at least 30 seconds. The microprocessor is held in place against your dog’s vocal chords with a durable, yet, comfortable, black nylon collar that adjusts to fit any breed of dog weighing 18-100 pounds. Simple 2-button adjustment lets you set the microprocessor’s sensitivity to allow for environmental noises, as well as for coughing and other noises that are unique to your dog

Perfect Quality Solutions No-Bark Dog Training Collar comes with everything needed to correct nuisance barking

When you order our no-bark collar you will receive the microprocessor unit; adjustable nylon collar; 2 long stimulus electrodes; 2 short stimulus electrodes; 1 English-language instruction manual; and one test light to check the operation of the microprocessor unit. You will also receive a downloadable dog training guide that will walk you through steps to end incessant barking and modify other behavioral issues

The customer is the most important to us. Perfect Quality Solutions No-Bark Dog Training Collar is fully covered by PQS online trade. If our product does not perform to your expectations, return it to us.

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